reviewing a life insurance policy

Don’t let your life insurance policy be among the 88% that won’t deliver when needed!

It’s shocking and almost inconceivable. Too often policyholders, or their beneficiaries, find out the coverage they were expecting is simply not there.

Our Stratus Policy Assessment SM eliminates the confusion. It provides clarity and certainty in a simple, user-friendly format that is easy to understand. We make certain coverage and the death benefit will be there for individuals and professionals.

Ensuring families and businesses are protected with a comprehensive independent life insurance policy review.


88% of life insurance policies are not expected to pay a death claim.*

7 out of 10 policies we review have problems. We can help fix these troubled policies.

We are part of the 1% of insurance brokers who are also CA Licensed Independent Insurance Analysts.

1 in 10 policies are not salvageable. For those, we can help find the best solution.

As independent advisors, we help people find and understand the BEST solution.

*According to Wharton, 85% of term policies do not pay a death claim. 88% of universal life policies do not terminate with a death benefit.

bursting the insurance balloon

Some policies are repairable

A Stratus Policy AssessmentSM ensures protection.

At Stratus, we know where potential traps may be hidden. Don't get left high and dry after having paid premiums for years.

Stratus is here to help.

The Policy Analyzers®

The reality is most life insurance policies upon review don’t pay families and businesses what they anticipate.

Give us a call to start the process of analyzing your policy by the independent CA Licensed Insurance Policy Analysts at Stratus Financial Partners.

Our focus and experience as independent life insurance policy reviewers makes the difference.

Insurance policy analyzers dig deep


How do you evaluate a life insurance policy review?

Stratus Financial Partners analyzes the insurance company’s information on that specific policy. By comparing premiums, length of time they must be paid, and the benefits a life insurance policy provides gives us an accurate view of how well the policy can be expected to fulfill its task.

What are the main components of a life insurance policy?

The two components that make up life insurance policies are the death benefit and the premium. There are 4 main types of life insurance: whole, universal, variable, and term. Whole, universal and variable are permanent life insurance options. Term insurance protects for a limited, more specific period of time.

Which is the best insurance policy?

The best insurance policy is one that is reviewed regularly by a licensed insurance analyst. This way it with remain in alignment with both your expectations and your needs.