About The Company

For over 30 years company founder, Frank Campbell, and his team have been securing customized life, disability and annuity plans for their clients. Then in 2010, Frank dedicated himself to reviewing and analyzing policies. Reviewing hundreds of policies, we have found that 70% of those with problems can be fixed.

We make it easy

With a team of 16 professionals, we’ve got the skills and expertise to identify and fix the not so obvious traps and shortfalls of insurance policies. With a singular focus assisting businesses and consumers obtain secure coverage, we review and analyze policies, fixing the unexpected gaps that all too often turn up. We are The Policy Analyzers®.

We can help fix even the worst problems

In the 10% of the policies that yield a mission critical problem that cannot be rectified, we find the solution. Typically, these non-functioning policies must be replaced. With a cadre of over 50 insurance companies to choose from, we find the BEST option for each client.