Case Studies

Last year, we interacted with a potential client who was interested in using our Independent Life Insurance Policy Review service, but he didn’t have the urgency to move forward just then. Almost a year passed before he felt ready toRead more “Stratus Life Insurance Case Study: Now Is The Time”

Working recently with a client who is a widow, I asked why she had a financial planner, she replied, “Because I don’t want to run out of money” Her sister Joan, on the other hand, didn’t need one. She’d alreadyRead more “Treat Insurance Policies Like the Money They Represent, Not Just Like Paper”

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Over the course of our practice, we’re asked to review a lot of term insurance policies. One of the first pieces we look at is the conversion option. This section is basically a promise from the insurance company that youRead more “Stratus Case Study: Conversion Options”

Toms Life Insurance Policy

Tom’s life insurance policy is about to go away. But the need for it lives on. Time flies. Tom bought a policy at an extremely low cost, guaranteed for the first 20 years. Who knew that 20 years would goRead more “Tom’s Life Insurance: Uh Oh, Now What?”


Jack and Diane have done well together, and now they’re grandparents. Life is good. They are all set—except for that “oops” lurking in their trust that they aren’t aware of. After the first grandchild was born in 2002, Diane nudgedRead more “Jack and Diane Teach Us Why Our Trust and Life Insurance Policies Deserve a Check-Up”

Avoid Financial Surprises

Background: A recent UBS study found that 56% of widows experience a financial surprise at the death of their spouse. Additionally, a widow can expect an average 37% decline in income – money that won’t be there to maintain theirRead more “Stratus Case Study: Avoiding Financial Surprises”

Background: I recently attended an Estate Planning Council meeting. The program was based around case studies. They throw out a scenario; and have an interdisciplinary discussion about how to deal with all the ensuing pitfalls. The Problem: Upon reflection, itRead more “Stratus Case Study: Anticipating Pitfalls”

Are life insurance companies pushing it by asking for the data on your fitness trackers? Well, whether you’re for it or against it, John Hancock Financial is one company that it’s doing just that. Policyholders who allow them to accessRead more “Should You Give Life Insurance Companies Access to Your Fitness Tracker?”

When I met Mike and Shelly, they were living in a small apartment with two young children. Their love for each other and commitment to family values was readily apparent. She was a stay-at-home mom, and he was on theRead more “Learn the Importance of Updating Your Life Insurance Policy from Mike and Shelly”

The issue of marijuana use continues to evolve no matter where you live.  While your state, like here in California, may have legalized the drug, the federal government still classifies the substance as illegal. As states push on despite theRead more “Marijuana and Life Insurance: Your Preferred Rating Doesn’t Have To Go Up in Smoke”