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millionaires reviewing life insurance policy with agent

People with a million or more in assets (and those who aspire to) have unique financial needs. Life insurance strategies can be a pivotal tool for wealth accumulation and preservation. Life insurance offers a sophisticated means to achieve three mainRead more “Life Insurance Strategies for Millionaires”

life insurance agent shaking hands with a couple

One of the most common reasons people get life insurance is to ensure their family will be taken care of financially after they pass away. This can give individuals a sense of peace and satisfaction, knowing that they have leftRead more “How You Can Use Life Insurance to Leave an Inheritance”

too much life insurance

When it comes to life insurance, having coverage that matches your financial and personal needs: enough to replace lost income in case of death or incapacity, settle debts and cover expenses like tuition and mortgage payments. However, when your coverageRead more “Is it Possible to Have Too Much Life Insurance?”

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Patti didn’t realize what it meant when her life insurance company sold off her policy to an investment group. She didn’t know the dynamic had changed and that her best interest was not as important to the new owners asRead more “Here’s How Poor Service from Life Insurance Companies Can Help Their Bottom Line”

The Campbells and cool cars

“I don’t care what the truth is as long as I know it!” Frank Campbell shares these sage words in his recent Spotlight from his networking group ProVisors. Frank’s mission is to continue to let folks know that 88% ofRead more “5 Things to Know About Frank Campbell”

multiple life insurance policies

Purchasing life insurance is a great way to protect your spouse and children from monetary loss should something happen to you. The payments can help cover debts, living expenses, and medical or final expenses, as well as providing financial security.Read more “Can You Have Multiple Life Insurance Policies?”

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Here at Stratus, we foster relationships with people from all walks of life. From Fred, who just wants to protect his family in the event of his passing; to John, an attorney who wants to be sure his clients areRead more “Helping You Help Your Clients”

explain life insurance

Do you have trouble understanding life insurance? You’re not alone. Multiple research studies have found that today’s complex insurance plans, with intricate cost calculations and complicated legal language, cause problems for policyholders who want to understand and have more controlRead more “Using Analogies to Explain Life Insurance Options”

chronic pain

I know a thing or two about pain. Every once in a while, I get a flare-up of an old injury. Are you a sufferer too? You’re already going through enough if you have constant pain; your life insurance rateRead more “Life Insurance Can Still Be Affordable Even If You Have Chronic Pain”

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When it comes to life insurance, the word “guarantee” may have different meanings. The first question that should be asked? “Is the guarantee conditional or unconditional?” Here’s why: Problem There’s hardly ever a problem when a policy has unconditional guarantees.Read more “The Biggest Misunderstanding When Evaluating Life Insurance Policies”