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Your life insurance policy may have an expiration date, without your knowledge. When you make the decision to plan for you and your family’s future by taking out a life insurance policy, there are specific goals and needs you hadRead more “The Most Important Reason Why You Should Get a Life Insurance Review”


It used to be easier to get a new life insurance policy issued on a favorable basis. To the surprise of many, even after COVID peaked, as long as the applicant didn’t currently have it, COVID was pretty much aRead more “COVID v. Algorithms. Now I’m Missing the Good Old Days!”

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“I don’t care what the truth is as long as I know it!” Frank Campbell shares these sage words in his recent Spotlight from his networking group ProVisors. Frank’s mission is to continue to let folks know that 88% ofRead more “5 Things to Know About Frank Campbell”

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When it comes to life insurance, many clients come in thinking their policies are a concrete document. They expect the rates and benefits in their specific plans to be set in stone. They naturally assume their families are safe. TheRead more “Life Insurance: Not A One Stop Shop”

Not everyone’s ears perk up when life insurance is brought up in a conversation. There are a lot of misconceptions about life insurance that deter people from taking advantage of its amazing purpose. It’s easy to see it as aRead more “3 Popular Reasons People Avoid Getting Life Insurance”

Life insurance is a tricky process when you’re doing it on your own or working with an agent who has little experience.  Arming yourself with information now can save you from making mistakes that may cost you in the future.Read more “3 Mistakes People Make With Their Term Life Insurance Plan”

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There’s always time, right? That’s not always the case. Millennials have student loan debt, medical insurance, rent, utility bills, and not to mention, many concerts to attend. You want to travel and go to the new Vietnamese restaurant that openedRead more “5 Reasons Millennials Need Life Insurance (Even if You Don’t Have Kids)”

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There’s no doubt that life insurance fraud is a serious problem, yet this issue victimizes many. There are unfortunately occasional instances where families are taken advantage of by companies and individuals who prey on consumers’ lack of knowledge in theRead more “Avoid Being a Victim of Life Insurance Fraud – Part 1”

We’ve all been in situations where something interesting caught our attention until it started getting complicated. It might be a really good idea, but the fog of the complexity quickly overwhelms the simplicity. At that point the interesting thing getsRead more “Solution: Split-Dollar Life Insurance”

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I was surprised to read a report that revealed several tendencies regarding the financial situation of older widows or divorcees. The report stated that 56% of married women leave all of the financial planning and investment considerations to their husbands.Read more “Money and the Married Woman: Financial Planning For The Future”