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Insurance review in Covid Times

How has COVID-19 affected the insurance industry in any way? It’s a common question that a lot of folks might ask. After all, the pandemic has turned the way we look at public health on its head. Here are Frank’sRead more “COVID and Other Factors Influencing the Life Insurance Industry”

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Most jobs these days include life insurance as a benefit for employees. It’s a valuable benefit while employed there, but how well does it protect the employee’s family? Too often, not well enough. Here’s why: Problem First of all, itRead more “Employer Life Insurance Plans May Not Be Enough”

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The reason to consider a Life Settlement of an existing life insurance policy is to be sure you don’t leave any money on the table. Many clients don’t realize they might be sitting on an asset that can be turnedRead more “Three Times A Life Settlement Makes Sense”

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If we’ve ever been fortunate enough to enjoy a conversation, hopefully, I’ve learned something special about you, and you probably know I love classic cars! Life is just more fun when there’s an interesting car needing to be driven somewhere.Read more “Life Insurance Policies are a Lot Like Cars: You Need to Get Under the Hood of Your Policy”

Amazon is not the only company that has bargain days for their clients. For one of our recent clients, we were able get a new policy issued at a provider’s Standard rate, even though they had some preexisting conditions whichRead more “Table Shave? How to Save Money on Life Insurance!”

If you’ve secured a solid life insurance policy, we commend you for making the necessary arrangements to secure your family’s financial future.  If you’ve already had a policy review performed by an expert to work out any kinks or changesRead more “Prepare Your Family to Put Your Life Insurance Money to the Best Use”


Life could be so much simpler if we just needed one of everything. Why do we need more than one shirt, credit card, television, airline company, or burger place? Is it necessary to have more than one of anything? IfRead more “When Would I Need More Than One Life Insurance Policy?”

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Life insurance policies need to be reviewed. Earlier generation Life policies used to have unconditional guarantees. You could count on them to be there when needed. Unconditionally. The overwhelming majority of modern, “permanent” insurance policies, however, don’t do that. TheirRead more “Policy Reviews and The Stratus Difference”

Life Insurance Problems

Americans strongly believe in the power of life insurance. By the end of 2020, life insurance coverage in the United States totaled $20.4 trillion, with life insurance companies paying over $314 billion in benefits. However, there are times when insuranceRead more “Common Life Insurance Problems”

Life Insurance Awareness Month

As National Life Insurance Awareness Month comes to an end, we’ve seen an upsurge of articles relating to what life insurance is, why you should have it, and what type of policy is best. One common theme, however, is thatRead more “Why Fixing Existing Life Insurance Policies May Be More Important Than Buying New Ones”