Insurance Policy Review

I was recently a webinar guest of attorney Dennis Sandoval of Sandoval Legacy Group. Early into the program, he asked this question about a policy review. Here, in a 90 second clip, is the answer so anyone who wants toRead more “What is an Independent Life Insurance Policy Review and How Does it Work?”

“You’re my executor.” Over the years, many trusted family members and friends have heard these words. It’s one of the first steps when securing an estate plan, and also one of the most important. Having a competent executor, (or trustee)Read more “Why Executors Need Documents”

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We all know that feeling. That sinking feeling, where something unexpected pops up in front of you and tries to ruin your day. Well, some of those things are more serious than others and, of course, I have a coupleRead more “Life Insurance Maintenance”

Its been four years since the Artist Formerly Known As Prince passed away, and growing issues continue with the settlement of his estate. Problem What’s wrong with a reported $300 Million estate and inadequate Planning? Solution Purple Rain is aRead more “Years Later, Prince Estate Struggles”

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When it comes to life insurance, clarity isn’t always the first word that comes to mind. Without asking a specialist to take a closer look, you may be missing out on a lot of the coverage you thought you paidRead more “Three Reasons You’ll Benefit From An Independent Policy Review”

Life Insurance Recommendations

Consider life insurance as an investment in your future as well as that of your family’s. A life insurance policy is a way to provide money to your beneficiaries when you die in exchange for the premiums paid during yourRead more “Life Insurance Recommendations by Age”

Life Insurance Policy

Many families are struggling just to pay their bills today as inflation remains high and interest rates climb. When forced to choose between paying for groceries or rent and something larger like life insurance, it’s no wonder they might haveRead more “How to Reinstate a Life Insurance Policy”

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When it comes to life insurance, many clients come in thinking their policies are a concrete document. They expect the rates and benefits in their specific plans to be set in stone. They naturally assume their families are safe. TheRead more “Life Insurance: Not A One Stop Shop”

First Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance provides essential protection if you have loved ones that are financially dependent upon you. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to buy life insurance, especially when it comes to securing the coverage they need. If you areRead more “Buying Your First Life Insurance Policy”

Changing Life Insurance

When you plan for the future, an important part of that process is purchasing life insurance. However, if time has passed since you first bought it, you may need to reevaluate your plan. Life changes such as getting married, havingRead more “Changing Your Life Insurance”