Success Stories

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The reason to consider a Life Settlement of an existing life insurance policy is to be sure you don’t leave any money on the table. Many clients don’t realize they might be sitting on an asset that can be turnedRead more “Three Times A Life Settlement Makes Sense”

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Fred’s attorney had no indication of whether Fred’s life insurance policy was healthy or not. According to Fred, it hadn’t been looked at in almost ten years. Familiar with how we’ve added value to other clients in the past, theRead more “Is Your Life Insurance Policy is in Working Order”

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At the peak of the COVID pandemic, my friend Joe hadn’t seen his wife for over five months. He had rushed her to the hospital and had to watch from the door while the gurney wheeled her away. It turnedRead more “Joe’s Wife Is Missing, So Is His Ability to Protect Her”

Here’s a very recent example: In March one of our attorney partners was redrafting a succession agreement for a  business client. As team members, we were asked to review the existing insurance policies. Our analysis showed they were both excellentRead more “Sometimes Insurance Companies Get the Short End of the Stick, But Your Beneficiaries Will Still Be Protected”

When I met Mike and Shelly, they were living in a small apartment with two young children. Their love for each other and commitment to family values was readily apparent. She was a stay-at-home mom, and he was on theRead more “Learn the Importance of Updating Your Life Insurance Policy from Mike and Shelly”

Avoid Financial Surprises

Background: A recent UBS study found that 56% of widows experience a financial surprise at the death of their spouse. Additionally, a widow can expect an average 37% decline in income – money that won’t be there to maintain theirRead more “Stratus Case Study: Avoiding Financial Surprises”

Kurt is a 64-year-old widower. Comfortably retired, he likes to go the gym and play a lot of golf. His financial advisor is confident Kurt’s financial situation, while not unlimited, will allow him to do that for the rest ofRead more “A Pragmatic Response to the Need for Long Term Care Coverage”

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In a few weeks, we’re going to be bringing Sally a check for $650,000. Several years ago, Chuck and Sally were referred to us. Their CPA had asked them for information on their life insurance policy. Like most people, theyRead more “Is That a Piece of Paper, Or Is It a Pile of Money? It Depends…”