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Patti didn’t realize what it meant when her life insurance company sold off her policy to an investment group. She didn’t know the dynamic had changed and that her best interest was not as important to the new owners asRead more “Here’s How Poor Service from Life Insurance Companies Can Help Their Bottom Line”

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When it comes to life insurance, you might notice that it’s often more expensive for men than for women. While this disparity may raise eyebrows there are specific aspects that insurers rely on to justify the cost difference. From statisticalRead more “Why Life Insurance Is More Expensive For Men”

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In the United States, insurance is a trillion-dollar industry, with life insurance accounting for close to half of the industry’s net premiums. Despite this, only 52% of American adults report having life insurance, according to a 2022 Insurance Barometer StudyRead more “What Percentage of People Have Life Insurance?”

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While it takes an expert to fully comprehend all the detailed clauses in life insurance policies, it’s useful to have a general understanding of what separates the best companies from the worst. For something so critical to you and yourRead more “What the Worst Life Insurance Companies All Have in Common”

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Ah, yes.  The “why” question.   There are lots of reasons why you should buy and have life insurance.   The sad thing is, many people have the wrong type of insurance. Even worse, people have insufficient policies, which don’t cover their livesRead more “Why Should I Buy Life Insurance?”

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Tom’s life insurance policy is about to go away. But the need for it lives on. Time flies. Tom bought a policy at an extremely low cost, guaranteed for the first 20 years. Who knew that 20 years would goRead more “Tom’s Life Insurance: Uh Oh, Now What?”

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An insurance consultant, alternatively known as a risk advisor, risk consultant, or insurance risk advisor, plays a pivotal role in helping clients identify potential risks in different types of insurance. Consultants provide information about insurance options, terms, and competitive rates,Read more “What is an Insurance Consultant?”

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Life’s journey is seldom straightforward. That’s why your life insurance policy serves as a compass, providing you security through uncertain times and at every life stage. Understanding the details of your policy isn’t just paperwork — it’s about ensuring youRead more “What a Life Insurance Policy Should Look Like”

Life Insurance Awareness Month

As National Life Insurance Awareness Month comes to an end, we’ve seen an upsurge of articles relating to what life insurance is, why you should have it, and what type of policy is best. One common theme, however, is thatRead more “Why Fixing Existing Life Insurance Policies May Be More Important Than Buying New Ones”


It used to be easier to get a new life insurance policy issued on a favorable basis. To the surprise of many, even after COVID peaked, as long as the applicant didn’t currently have it, COVID was pretty much aRead more “COVID v. Algorithms. Now I’m Missing the Good Old Days!”