Helping You Help Your Clients

Here at Stratus, we foster relationships with people from all walks of life. From Fred, who just wants to protect his family in the event of his passing; to John, an attorney who wants to be sure his clients are best served in every way possible. Today, we’re going to share some of what we see and continue to learn from our growing professional relationships like John, and how we can more fully help them help their clients.


It’s a question of value-both real and perceived. Clients have more choices than ever. If a professional advisor is perceived as just about the same as their competitors (including Legal Zoom and Turbo Tax) then all these options can look like a fine alternative.

Deep down, they know instinctively that these giant companies don’t really care. They just made it convenient, and probably less expensive.  So, if it’s all perceived as similar, and there’s no value added, clients tend to not listen as well, or shop around for a better deal and complain about the bills they receive for services.


Across the professions, here’s how we see folks like John creating both value and sticky client relationships. It’s not just that they’re good at what they do. More importantly, the clients know John actually cares about them and their well-being. They know they’re better off with John- trusting he will always go above and beyond on their behalf. They have no need to look for better value.

Many people like John are seeking a competitive advantage. One of those options can be strategic alliances with other professionals. These kinds of relationships allow professionals to increase their value to the clients they serve. It strengthens relationships and makes competition irrelevant. When Stratus is engaged as part of John’s team we work hard to help John help his clients even more effectively.

Policies change over time – and your clients may not have the life, disability, annuity, and long-term care coverage they believe they do. An independent policy review like ours helps both you and your clients be confident that the policy they have is exactly what it should be.


An independent policy review provides real answers and gives you a competitive advantage. Imagine being able to provide all that without making more work for yourself. That’s the value you get from partnering with someone like Stratus Financial Partners-a licensed life and disability analyst. We give you detailed information that helps strengthen relationships with clients even further and frees up time for you to focus all the other ways you can help your clients. When you’re  working with experts in the insurance field, it’s a win-win. If this makes sense to you it only takes a brief call or email to get started.

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