Upon analyzing clients’ policies, we find 70% have problems and may not pay a death claim. Fortunately, we can help fix them.

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For policies which can’t be corrected, our 30-years of experience and independence working with over 50 carriers gives us the edge to find the BEST policy for individuals and businesses.

At Stratus Financial Partners, we are on a mission to rid the world of mediocre insurance policies. As one of the few California Licensed Life and Disability Analysts, we look at insurance through a different lens than ordinary brokers. We are not affiliated with any insurance carriers. This independence opens a wealth of possibilities as we search for the best insurance policy for each client. Working with over 50 insurance companies, we unearth the perfect policy for individuals and businesses. Our tenacity and experience gives us the ability to make a difference.

About 7% of policies are not salvageable. If they can't be fixed, we'll help find the best alternative.

Perhaps the insurance company’s financials have deteriorated to an alarming level. Maybe the policy was poorly designed from the beginning for your particular circumstances. It could have been modified, which could cancel or significantly deteriorate any payout to your beneficiaries. For those policies that are not salvageable, we’ll help find the best alternative possible.

We are driven by our passion for perfection, and we are known for putting our clients’ needs first – always.