Joe’s Wife Is Missing. So Is His Ability to Protect Her

My friend Joe hasn’t seen his wife since March. He’d rushed her to the hospital and had to watch from the door while the gurney wheeled her away. It turned out she had an aneurism that needed immediate attention. The doctors saved her life, but she’s still recovering in a rehab facility that’s locked down for Covid-19 just as the hospital was.

He talks to her by phone, but says she struggles to communicate. It’s tough on both of them.


Adding to his woes – their documents aren’t up to date. The implications of that are:

  • Most urgently, the lack of a current Health Care Power of Attorney. Even as her spouse, this means there are potential issues he may not be able to completely influence.
  • Second, the load is heavy enough already. Who needs an additional hassle at a time like this?
  • Third, even if he had the energy to change that now, he’d have a tough time – she’s not competent to participate.

Thanks in part to mandatory social distancing, Joe’s wife has not contracted the Coronavirus. Additionally, the surgery was a success-she is expected to survive.

Proper planning, however, isn’t just for the event of someone’s passing. With any proper will or trust, there’s also a document that would allow Joe to make decisions when his wife isn’t able to do that for herself. That’s the piece Joe doesn’t have in place – the piece that might be needed to care more effectively for the living.


This type of problem isn’t new. Covid-19, however, adds a new and unexpected urgency to the risks our clients face if they’re “not properly protected.” With Coronavirus still spreading, it’s more important than ever for our clients to protect themselves and their loved ones. There are fewer excuses than ever to avoid the review of their estate plan. Let’s encourage them to make sure their affairs are proper – and current.


The culture from my time as a crewmember on a submarine has stayed with me. We were trained to, “anticipate all problems prior to their occurrence.”
That’s a higher standard of care. The people we serve can’t fully appreciate the benefit of such a level of care until they really need it. That only adds to the value we provide them. It also differentiates each of us from our peers.

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