What to Tell Your Millennial Clients Who Think They Don’t Need Life Insurance

We don’t know who told millennials that life insurance is for “older people” but that person needs to be stopped. If you’re a professional that handles the finances of millennials, then you’re in a good position to steer them in the right direction. And if they try to dispute your claim that it’s best to acquire life insurance in their younger days, you can hit them with these facts.

Being young and healthy is a plus

Life insurance companies quote your clients’ premiums based on various aspects of their lifestyles. A large portion of their consideration is determined by their health and age. An active 28-year-old that has regular routine doctor visits will benefit and save money in the long run on their premiums.

Insurance is actually affordable

Think about it, life insurance is customizable to your financial lifestyle, which includes the cost of your client’s premium. When applying with the guidance of a life insurance expert your client’s financial situation will be heavily considered. Life insurance is an investment that should relieve financial burden in the future, rather than cause financial burden in the present.

Funeral arrangements are very expensive

This is a harsh reality when it comes to life insurance, but it’s one that should be discussed with your clients. We’re sure they don’t want to risk leaving their family with thousands of dollars in debt. So while it’s not the most pleasant conversation, it’s one we’re sure your clients will appreciate.

The insurance world can be difficult to navigate. Without a clear understanding of their current plan, it’s difficult to be certain that your clients have the right coverage. If you’d like to take a closer look, you’ve come to the right place. We can answer your life insurance questions and provide the clarity you need to sleep easy. Learn more about our services or contact us at 951-823-8100 or click here.

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