One Friend, Two Mustangs, Three Days – One Incredible Road Trip!

I recently took a road trip with an old college buddy of mine. We had a fabulous time. You see, one of the things about a road trip is that it clears my brain. It’s not about the destination. The road you’re on and the car you’re driving make it all about the journey.

It does remind me of life insurance. There are always going to be unique twists and bends on your personal journey, but the ultimate success of the trip can be a lot more gratifying if you’re in the right vehicle.


The August issue of Car & Driver magazine had this car on the cover. The article started out with this sentence, “For $177, you can stand in line at Disney all day. Or you can invest in 24 hours with the supercharged 600-plus-hp Mustang Shelby GT-S.”

My friend Mike is already the owner of a superb Mustang GT, as was I, so it was an easy decision to take a three-day excursion where we were able to enjoy, compare and experience some serious Motorhead Nirvana.

Picking up the Shelby at LAX, we aspired to head directly for the Angeles Crest Highway, just like the writer of the article recommended! Partway into the trip, however, we were surprised by a road closure on the route to Wrightwood. Undeterred, we took an alternate route home that day and more than made up for the detour with the next day’s itinerary. We made it to Wrightwood from the other side, then on to Lake Silverwood, up the back way to Crestline, on to Lake Arrowhead, and over to Route 66. (The total experience on all those fabulous driving roads more than made up for the part of Angeles Crest we missed.)

When it all had to end on Sunday afternoon the cars were still fresh and ready to go. We were the ones who were exhausted, but you wouldn’t have detected that through the smiles implanted on our faces.

To me, this is a metaphor for life’s journeys. You may have a plan already in place for where you’ll be in the next 5, 10, or 30 years, but nobody really knows. You may hit a roadblock. Wouldn’t it be better if you were certain you were in the right vehicle if life sends you on a different route?


The truth is, regardless of what route you take, the vehicle you’re in has a big effect on what your final experience is. It doesn’t have to be a Shelby, but it needs to be one you trust to complete the journey with a smile on your face.

The same goes for your life insurance policy. While they might all look the same, having one you’re certain is healthy and well-maintained will make the journey so much more satisfying.

That’s the reason to seek a thorough check-up on your existing insurance portfolio. It makes it easier to enjoy the journey when those detours get thrown at you.


My head is clear. The smile still lingers, as do the memories Mike and I will continue to share together. Zero to 60 in less than 4 seconds? Wow, I now know the confidence a Cheetah has. If its prey isn’t in a Shelby Mustang it’s going to be overrun in the same amount of time it takes to say, “traction control.”

Final thoughts on the Shelby

Acceleration: Faster than a missile leaving its silo? Absolutely!

Faster than an F-16 launching off an aircraft carrier? I wouldn’t want to bet against the Shelby being the first one to hit the 100mph mark.

Handling: What a joy to drive! The design teams filled their magic cauldron with a mixture of Velcro and Super Glue. The degree of traction was amazing. The ride was compliant and the car responded intuitively to input. It always seemed to know what I wanted before I did. When I made up my mind, it was waiting to respond and it did so effortlessly.

Transmission: This is the first time in my life I haven’t missed a manual transmission. The 10-speed automatic worked superbly. The paddle shifters really were quicker and more responsive than a stick. There’s also an endearing little uptick while the engine revs just a bit on each downshift.

Comfort: The interior absorbed my 6’6” frame just fine. Just don’t fool yourself into believing this is a four-seat automobile. A driver with one passenger works just fine, but anything bigger than a Barbie Doll is not going to fit in the back. (Admittedly, that truly wasn’t an issue from the driver’s seat. I’m just saying…)

Final thoughts on the road trip:

While I always enjoy Disneyland, the article was right about the best use of $177. There’s not a single ride in the whole park to surpass the thrill of two Mustangs taking a journey on a clear mountain road, celebrating the next turn in the road. And the ones beyond that…

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