Is That a Piece of Paper, Or Is It a Pile of Money? It Depends…

In a few weeks, we’re going to be bringing Sally a check for $650,000. Several years ago, Chuck and Sally were referred to us. Their CPA had asked them for information on their life insurance policy. Like most people, they hadn’t given it much thought, other than to pay the premium when it came due every year. That’s why the CPA sent them over to us for a policy checkup, our Stratus Policy Assessment℠.

Our review uncovered a flaw. Left unchecked, it would have prevented that policy from doing what it was supposed to do. Once it was identified, we were able to give them the guidance needed to overcome the flaw and keep that policy in place.

At Chuck’s funeral last week everyone, including us, shared their memories and their condolences. We also brought Sally something more, the feeling of safety and security she most needed at this time.

Really, the ultimate credit goes back to the CPA, who cared enough to allow us to help her to help her client. It’s gratifying to help be certain that piece of paper would morph into the pile of money it was always intended to be.

Here at Stratus, The Policy Analyzers®, we’re easy to engage with and make the process as user-friendly as possible. Even if you choose to go somewhere else, however, do yourself and your clients a solid and have those policies reviewed by a qualified advisor. While it just seems to be a piece of paper, you and I know it’s really a pile of money in disguise.

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