Policy Reviews and The Stratus Difference

Life insurance policies need to be reviewed.

Earlier generation Life policies used to have unconditional guarantees. You could count on them to be there when needed. Unconditionally.

The overwhelming majority of modern, “permanent” insurance policies, however, don’t do that. Their guarantees are conditional, and the language is complex. In itself, that’s neither good nor bad – as long as they’re managed properly. That way, the “If this, if that…” part of the contract doesn’t lead to the dreaded, “If not…” section we see too often here at Stratus. (That’s the overlooked section where owners are disappointed, and beneficiaries are left out in the cold.) It doesn’t have to be that way.


Life insurance policies need to be reviewed. Many organizations will offer to take a closer look at your client’s life insurance plan. The truth is, anyone with an insurance license can do a policy review. Many of them are altruistic, and even a mediocre review is better than no review at all. Is that review, however, thorough and in the best interest of the client, or intended as a prelude to a sale?

That’s where we come in.


As a licensed life & disability analyst, here at Stratus our review process is unbiased. Our focus is the review and evaluation of the existing policy. What does it need to be the best policy it can be? If something is lacking it will be uncovered, evaluated and disclosed.

There are three possible outcomes from a Stratus review;

  • The policy is fine. No changes of any kind are necessary.
  • The policy needs a tune-up. Here’s what it needs to be fine.
  • The policy will ultimately fall short of what is needed. Here’s why.

The completion of our review, then, is clarity. We intend that it leads to confidence and peace of mind.

At the completion of the review, if the review falls into that third category, your client has the option of participating in our benchmarking process.

When we’re asked to look at alternatives, we go wide and deep to identify all the alternatives we can find. Our process is not designed to come back with a good alternative-it’s designed to come back with the best alternative we can find. It’s not unusual for us to evaluate offers from 20 different companies. When necessary, we’ll go way beyond that until we’re satisfied we’ve found that best alternative. When that’s completed we’ll present our findings for consideration by both you and your client.


Ultimately, it’s not about us, it’s about you.

  • Do we add value?
  • Are we easy to engage with?
  • Do we enhance what you do?
  • Is somebody in a more secure place as a result of our review?

At the completion of our review, both you and your client will know with certainty if your client’s policy will be doing what is needed of it. No surprises, no mystery. Our review is designed to bring you simplicity and clarity in a way you can trust.

Independent Policy Review

The insurance world can be difficult to navigate. Without a clear understanding of their current plan, it’s difficult to be certain that your clients have the right coverage. If you’d like to take a closer look, you’ve come to the right place. We can answer your life insurance questions and provide the clarity you need to sleep easy.

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