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Insurance Options

Once we’ve thoroughly reviewed your policy using our proprietary 22-Point Checklist, we’ll let you know — in clear, easily comprehended terms — exactly where you stand. There are three possibilities.

1) Your policy is “good as is”

Congratulations! You’ve got a life insurance policy that works for you, and will successfully cover you and your loved ones. In this case, you won’t have to do anything. And you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with that kind of confirmation. This actually happens in 20% of the policies we review.

2) Your policy can be salvaged

Yes, your life insurance policy has serious flaws. But the good news? It can be fixed! And we can guide you in exactly how to achieve that. You’ll be relieved to know that now your policy will deliver what you need, when you most need it. Most policies we review — about 70% — fall into this category.

3) Uh oh — your policy cannot be fixed

About 10% of policies are not salvageable. If they can’t be fixed, we’ll help find the best alternative.

Perhaps the insurance company’s financials have deteriorated to an alarming level. Maybe the policy was poorly designed from the beginning for your particular circumstances. It could have been modified, which could cancel or significantly deteriorate any payout to your beneficiaries. For those policies that are not salvageable, we’ll help find the best alternative possible.

For policies which can’t be corrected, our 30-years of experience and independence working with over 50 carriers gives us the edge to find the BEST policy for individuals and businesses.

At Stratus Financial Partners, we are on a mission to rid the world of mediocre insurance policies. As one of the few California Licensed Life and Disability Analystswe look at insurance through a different lens than ordinary brokers. We are not affiliated with any insurance carriers. This independence opens a wealth of possibilities as we search for the best insurance policy for each client. Working with over 50 insurance companies, we unearth the perfect policy for individuals and businesses. Our tenacity and experience gives us the ability to make a difference.