The Devil is in the details and we know where to find them.

The Stratus Policy Assessment℠

There are many reasons policies become problematic

  • Changes in underwriting rules, regulations, and standards.
  • Deteriorating financial stability or reputation of the insurance provider.
  • Changes in circumstances including health, lifestyle, and intended beneficiaries.
  • Impending, and often forgotten deadlines, including policy expirations or renewal . . .

Our Stratus Policy Assessment℠ is an independent policy review

Policies can change over time — along with the policy holder’s needs and circumstances. This independent policy review provides a valuable check-up to ensure your insurance portfolio is addressing today’s real needs.

The fine print in the insurance contract doesn’t change, but other pieces can. This means your insurance portfolio may not provide the same benefits you were expecting when purchased.

Understanding the realities of your policies is essential for protecting yourself and your beneficiaries.

We ensure that you will be properly covered

We are a different kind of insurance advisor. We focus on stress-testing clients’ existing insurance portfolios. Since we know that 88% of policies do not deliver as the policy owner anticipates, we unearth the problems and loopholes and shore them up, ensuring protection and coverage.

Since we are not affiliated with any insurance carriers, we’re able to offer independent and objective analyses. We believe this is necessary for supporting our clients’ ability to make the best decisions for their financial future.

Frank gives me peace of mind. He is very thorough in analyzing life insurance policies.

M. J.
Law Ofiice