infographic showing policy examination and time concepts

Policy Assessment For Individuals

The fine print in the insurance contract doesn’t change, but other pieces can. This means your insurance portfolio may not provide the same benefits you were expecting when purchased. Understanding the realities of your policies is essential for protecting yourself and your beneficiaries.

There are many reasons a life insurance portfolio can become problematic.

  • Developments in underwriting rules, regulations, and standards
  • Deteriorating financial stability or reputation of your insurance provider
  • Impending (and often forgotten) deadlines, including policy expirations or renewals
  • Shifts in your life – like changes in your health, lifestyle, and intended beneficiaries

The ever-changing circumstances affecting your life insurance portfolio may leave you wondering whether your policies are actually going to do what they’re supposed to do when the time comes. Our Stratus Policy AssessmentSM answers that question for you in a relaxed, easy-to-understand way.

An Objective Look Inside Your Policies

An Independent Policy Review with Stratus Financial Partners is a simple and straightforward way of understanding the realities of your portfolio. It’s a way to lift the hood, check the oil, and kick the tires — so to speak.

Using our proprietary 22-Point Checklist, we analyze your policy, searching for unnecessary risk and potential problems lurking on the horizon. Then, we present our findings in a one-page, easy-to-read document, so you and your advisors can make educated decisions about your future. Our Independent Policy Review ends there — it’s not a sales pitch.

An Idea of What We Might Find

There are four potentials that can be uncovered with a policy review:

  • Bad policy with a bad company
  • Good policy with a bad company
  • Bad policy with a good company
  • Good policy with a good company — well done!