infographic of professional advisor with client

For Professionals

As a professional — such as an attorney, CPA, accountant or wealth advisor — clients see you as someone who helps protect them. Stratus Financial Partners is with you as your watchdog and part of your support team. We’re here to help you protect your clients from unwelcome surprises.

How We Do This

Our process complements what you do for your clients without complicating your workload. Rather, our unintrusive process is a value add to your practice. Our proprietary systems — including our unique 22-Point Checklist — allow us to uncover the truth and translate all that noise into plain English.

We go back to the issuing company and obtain the current information on that specific policy. We take that information and distill it into an easy-to-understand analysis. Saving life insurance policies for your clients enhances your relationship as we help you protect them. It is a simple and easy way to add client value.

In addition to helping individuals secure coverage that will protect their beneficiaries, we provide the same winning insurance solutions for professional service firms.

Numbers Tell the Story

We know 88% of all insurance policies do not pay as the owner anticipates. To that end, we analyze your clients’ insurance portfolios searching for unnecessary risk and potential problems lurking on the horizon.

It’s heartbreaking, yet avoidable, for clients to lose their dreams and legacy because their insurance policy was subtly changed and is no longer in force.

With our cost-effective independent policy review, the Stratus Policy AssessmentSM, we successfully identify the 70% of the policies with issues. We then outline how to fix those issues so that your clients and their beneficiaries receive their due. This allows you to assist your clients in managing their risks. Clients receive an objective and straightforward look into the security of their insurance portfolio.