Stratus Case Study: Anticipating Pitfalls


I recently attended an Estate Planning Council meeting. The program was based around case studies. They throw out a scenario; and have an interdisciplinary discussion about how to deal with all the ensuing pitfalls.

The Problem:

Upon reflection, it occurred to me that a majority of the people in the room make a living dealing with when those pitfalls become problems. A few months ago, we wrote an article around protecting your beneficiaries. We emphasized the idea of anticipating all problems prior to their occurrence and doing something about it in advance. Then all these pitfalls don’t morph into problems.

The Solution:

Flash back to that meeting. In the room that night, was the attorney partner mentioned in the earlier blog. We’d worked together on his team. The result: He’d done the sterling job his client asked of him. He’d anticipated all the pitfalls in advance. None of them morphed into problems.

A few short months later, when all that planning had to be implemented, things went smoothly. For that business and that family, this cartoon is not going to be a reality, just funny. They can laugh at it instead of having to live it. The takeaway here is that preparing for pitfalls early on can save policyholders a headache in the future.

Frank gives me peace of mind. He is very thorough in analyzing life insurance policies.

M. J.
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