What is an Insurance Consultant?

An insurance consultant, alternatively known as a risk advisor, risk consultant, or insurance risk advisor, plays a pivotal role in helping clients identify potential risks in different types of insurance. Consultants provide information about insurance options, terms, and competitive rates, but their primary job is to examine your existing policy and make recommendations that address potential liabilities.

Unlike insurance agents, brokers, and solicitors who represent specific insurance companies, consultants operate independently. Therefore, their recommendations are not influenced by commissions from insurance companies. Instead, they receive a consulting fee from the businesses and clients they advise, making sure their recommendations are genuinely in the client’s best interest.

While agents and brokers can be helpful in certain situations, if you’re looking for someone to consult about your life insurance policy, a licensed analyst might be the way to go.

Life insurance is all we do

Have you experienced unexpected changes to your policy, or a reduction in your benefits without a notification, only to find out too late? Unfortunately, you are not alone.

The reality is that many policies have a lot of moving parts. It’s often difficult to know if they’re all still working the way they were expected to. This can lead clients to breakdowns in the benefits just when they are most needed.

Life insurance policies can run into issues for a variety of reasons:

  • Higher charges than initially projected.
  • Lowered investment results than initially projected.
  • Declining or unstable financial health of an insurance company
  • Unexpected lapses or overlooked deadlines
  • Beneficiary designation not current.

At Stratus Financial Partners, we find that, without periodic reviews, over 80% of policies aren’t going to pay the beneficiary as intended. It doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why we’re on a mission to help you maintain the best life insurance coverage possible. As a licensed life and disability analyst, our insights are comprehensive, objective and easy to understand.

We recognize that everyone’s needs are unique, which is why we created our Stratus Policy Assessment. In addition, to analyzing your individual needs, financial situation, and goals, it allows us to uncover any hidden problems and help fix them. Think of our Stratus Policy Assessment as the ultimate “stress-test” for your coverage.

What are we?

As one of the few California-licensed Life and Disability Analysts, our approach to insurance sets us apart from regular insurance agents and brokers. We are unaffiliated and independent, which allows us to be objective and unbiased with every client.

Furthermore, our rigorous in-depth life insurance policy analysis, the Stratus Policy Assessment℠, can determine whether existing policies align with today’s needs for the policyholder. We’re not just policy advisors, we’re The Policy Analyzers®. For a free 15 minute consultation, click here or give us a call 951-823-8100.

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