Why Executors Need Documents

“You’re my executor.”

Over the years, many trusted family members and friends have heard these words. It’s one of the first steps when securing an estate plan, and also one of the most important. Having a competent executor, (or trustee) after all, helps to manage your clients’ affairs and wishes according to their directions.

But just saying, “You’re my executor” doesn’t get it done. It can’t just be granted verbally. Instead, it needs to be in writing – or else it doesn’t carry any weight at all.

Here’s why it’s so important:


Last year Prince’s post-mortem woes came to light as estate planning isn’t fun. It’s easier to just ignore it entirely. That’s what he did, and when he passed away-unexpectedly-there was no will, and no executor to help carry out his wishes, just a lengthy legal battle.

Many Americans make the same mistake. Even if they did tell a loved one that they were the executor, if it’s not on paper, that person might still end up being the one to fulfill the duty – but quite possibly not. By itself, “You’re my executor” means nothing.

Another byproduct of doing nothing is the expense. Almost always, doing nothing ends up being much more costly than doing something. In the case of Prince, that cost in dollars will be in the tens of millions. On the other end of the spectrum, there are people like Sylvia’s mother.

Sylvia was told by her mother, “You’re my executor.” After Mom’s death, a thorough search couldn’t find those words written down anywhere. The resulting court proceedings ended up costing over $22,000 and almost two years before Mom’s modest estate could be distributed.

Most all of that could have been avoided if Mom had done something rather than nothing.

The other, more lasting expense was the emotional cost of depression, frustration, and hurt feelings. Sylvia no longer has a relationship with her sister and brother-in-law.


Helping clients avoid Prince’s mistakes is a major step forward. Get it down on paper, knowing their beneficiaries will be avoiding at least one estate nightmare.

An independent review of their existing insurance policies also provides additional peace of mind.


The result is a stronger relationship with your client and less waste, and fewer damaged relationships afterward. What more could you ask for?

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