Why Should I Buy Life Insurance?

Ah, yes.  The “why” question.   There are lots of reasons why you should buy and have life insurance.   The sad thing is, many people have the wrong type of insurance. Even worse, people have insufficient policies, which don’t cover their lives today.

Dust off that policy you bought in 2001, and take a close look at it.  Will that $50,000 policy that you bought when you first started out in your career cover the family of five that you became in 2023?


So back to the question at hand. . . Why buy life insurance?

Life insurance protects the people you love.  It provides a safety net for a spouse and  children in the event of a death.

Here are two important questions:  “Whom am I looking to cover in the event of a death?”  You will also need to ask yourself, “What are our expenses and family needs?”  Don’t just consider your current situation; anticipate the worst-case scenario.  Remember, you’re not predicting a bad future; you’re protecting your family in the event of it.

If you have a life insurance policy, figure out if it’s sufficient for your needs.  Find an independent insurance evaluator, someone with no vested interest in how you proceed.  It’s critical that their only interest is your needs.  Find someone who listens and is attentive to what will protect your family’s future.

Stratus Financial was created to stress test and benchmark your current life insurance portfolio.  With decades of experience in the insurance industry, we exist to do the right thing for people – by putting their best interests first. We do not work for any insurance company – we work for you.  There are no specific policies to push or quotas to be met.  We just believe in doing the right thing, every time. We can answer your life insurance questions and provide the clarity you need to sleep easy. Learn more about our services or join our newsletter today. To contact us, click here

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