Factors Influencing the Life Insurance Industry

How has COVID-19 affected the insurance industry in any way? It’s a common question that a lot of folks might ask.

What is a Policy Review and How Does it Work?

Frank Campbell takes viewers through a portion of his webinar where he addresses this question in more detail.

Veterans and Heroes

Another Veterans Day is upon us, and I have some thoughts for you about veterans and heroes.

Life Insurance Diagnostics

We all know that sinking feeling when the ignition won’t catch. What does life insurance have to do with your battery?

What? George Died???

One of the things I’ve learned in this job is that we can’t always prevent bad news, but what we do can lessen the impact of that bad news.

National Life Insurance Awareness Month

As National Life Insurance Awareness Month comes to an end, we’ve seen an upsurge of articles relating to what life insurance is, why you should have it, and what type of policy is best.

Assuming It’s Ok

Did you know that seven out of every ten policies we review have something that needs to be fixed? Believe it or not, your life insurance plan may not be as water tight as you had hoped.

Look Under The Hood

Life insurance policies are a lot like cars – You should regularly take a look under the hood to make sure everything is working properly.

Financial Surprises

Without taking the time to carefully review your life insurance policy, you risk leaving your loved ones without the benefits they deserve.

We Prevent Train Wrecks

When people ask what we do here at Stratus Financial, it’s correct to say we review and evaluate existing insurance policies.


The sacrifices that veterans have made for our freedom can never be understated. Being a veteran myself, I understand the challenges and needs of this population.

Beneficiary Arrangement

Everything can seem great on your current policy, but as life moves forward, things can fall through the cracks.

Helping a Client

Sometimes all that stands in the way of getting the insurance policy you deserve is asking for a second pair of eyes.

Conversion Options

A guaranteed conversion option can protect your ability to change to a different policy at a Preferred rating.

Our Mission

Stratus Financial Partners is a different kind of financial consultant. We’re focused on stress-testing our clients’ existing insurance portfolios, so they can be sure their coverage offers the protection and benefits they think it will.